How you perceive it, matters !

Have you ever asked yourself, Why me ?

Sometimes I wonder, why life turned out to be so rude at me, why things happened the way it actually happened ? Why, Oh God !! Why me ?

People say, you are the only in-charge of your happiness, your life, whatever happens to you, happens because of your own thoughts .. but then tell me .. who think bad about themselves ?

Our life is not Maths, it can’t be calculated. No matter how hard you try, you can’t control everything that happens to you ..

Sometimes things just happen because they were supposed to happen ..
All you can do is .. Sit back and relax, have faith in yourself, analyze the situation, explore possibilities , but remember .. not to blame yourself for any wrong move you made, please, rather, try to find something really good about that, try to summon up the lessons life taught you and then, you will come to realize that you are no more the same person, you were !

you are now an improved version of yourself .. much better than before, in every aspect – be it Emotionally, Mentally or Physically !

You know what, life is just like a strict teacher, being rude & difficult to the ones who are dearer to it. Because it wants you to improve, to rise above your levels, and to not settle for anything, less than what you deserve. So it keeps on throwing stones, one by one, sometimes big, sometimes small.

Now it depends on you, how you decide to act. you have exactly two options – to run away or to face them, trying to catch them everytime one comes in your way.

In the starting you may be hurt, may get irritated or you may even decide to quit, but my dear .. the day you decide to quit, do yourself a favor .. turn around and try to look back from where you started.. I bet .. You won’t Quit ever !!

Remember, every time you are put to a difficulty, or under pressure, its life’s way to prepare you for the best coming in your way, so that you learn to appreciate even the tiny things in your life and enjoy.

Life is like a coconut, the deeper you go, the sweeter it gets. Harder you try, more you’ll learn, so feel lucky every time you encounter difficulty because its an opportunity for you to Improve ! 😉


Soul Mate

Someone truly said, “WE DON’T MEET PEOPLE BY ACCIDENT, THEY ARE MEANT TO CROSS OUR PATH FOR A REASON”. Its his way of teaching you, what you need to be, to be a better you ..

Every person you meet, becomes an experience, good or bad, no matter what !

And so, life is a journey .. with passengers coming IN and moving OUT, completing their task of teaching you a lifetime experience ..

Amidst, somewhere, you feel like you met someone just like you .. more like a companion, with whom your journey becomes more exciting, more thrilling, full of love, charm and care ..

And you walks in a whole new world .. a world full of Dreams, where everything seems to be so bright, so colorful, that you wish to keep moving .. ahead .. !!

Its really strange and hard to understand how the mastermind has planned things for everyone ..

I wonder, how he made us find each other, the most unexpected way !

I never thought I could be so close to someone who is very far from me ..

I never thought I could admire someone just by talking to him few times over phone ?

I never imagined myself to LOVE someone, whom I never met ..

Sometimes, I question him, why he did not made us find each other before .. may be our life would have been much better ..
But then, if we haven’t met wrong people, how would we be able to figure out when we meet our Mr. Right ?

May be this is supposed to be this way .. only !

But God is very clever .. I must tell you !
He made his Master move at the right time .. he brought YOU into my life ..

Its you, who restored my faith in love and him .. all again !!

You make me feel how, I just can’t say .. !! 

I feel like talking to you all day and night .. I love watching you ..your sweet l’il eyes .. your pretty soft pink lips .. your hair on your forehead .. !!

I wish I could be so close to you .. so close .. to hold your hand, to give you a tight hug .. and to exchange lots of sweet kisses before going to bed .. !!

Sometimes I wonder, you came into my life for a reason, season or lifetime .. ?

But I really want you to stay till our journey ends .. to be not just a life partner ..

but to be My SoulMate .. !!