Friends – not just a word, its an Emotion !

Before stepping out of my li’l world which hardly had anyone other than my family, I didn’t truly understand what friendship is or who “true friends” are ..

Friend was just a word for me to describe those, other than my family ..

But YOU guys gave me the true definition of a this very simple, yet meaningful word ..

In the last one and a half year, thing have changed in a lot many good ways & all that got possible because of you guys ! As we all shifted to a new place, with just a bunch of people around, I never knew our bonds will grow stronger and deeper day by day !

Each day we spent together, each trip we made, every night-out and movie plans we had together, created an everlasting memory that i’ll never gonna forget.

Each fight and misunderstanding brought us closer and now that you guys hold a very special place in my life, I just want you to know that I love you and I am glad to have Friends like you. And I don’t want to imagine my life without anyone of you.

I sometimes wonder, why i feel so content and satisfied with life at such an early age ?

But let me tell you .. its because of some very amazing people in my life – needless to mention, may be I was searching for this special care and love that I got from you, all these years and my search ends here !

No matter how many people I meet or how many new friends I make, you guys are always gonna be very special & close to my heart.

Thanks for Sharing some wonderful time & memories with me. Love you All 🙂